Sun Dolphin BLUE Water Wheeler 5 Seat UV-Stabilized Pedal Boat w/ Warranty & Canopy

Sun Dolphin BLUE Water Wheeler 5 Seat UV-Stabilized Pedal Boat w/ Warranty & Canopy

Sun Dolphin BLUE Water Wheeler 5 Seat UV-Stabilized Pedal Boat w/ Warranty & Canopy Rating:
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Product Description

THIS PRODUCT IS BUILT TO ORDER, PLEASE ALLOW A FULL TWO WEEKS FOR CONSTRUCTION. Sun Dolphin Water Wheeler 5 Seat UV-Stabilized Pedal Boat w/ Warranty. Sun Dolphin boats are made in America by KL Industries. For over 23 years, Sun Dolphin has been recognized as the best value in small boats. Sun Dolphin boats are manufactured with a commitment to quality, through design and by using the finest materials available, in an ISO 9001 certified faciltiy. Sun Dolphin boats are made from UV-stabilized High Density Polyethylene. This translates to a quality product which is extremely durable and lightweight, resists color fade, all to insure your satisfaction for years to come. KL Industries is the only manufacturer to extrude and thermoform our own polyethylene sheets and design and cut our own prototype molds. This allows us to keep tight controls on quality. We pride ourselves on supplying the best thermoformed boats available, made in the USA. The WaterWheeler 5 is truly one of America's most popular family pedal boats. It allows 1, 2, or 3 peddlers to enjoy pedal boating with perfect balance and great performance regardless of their number or size. The WaterWheeler 5 allows the whole family to get into the action. The bench seat easily accommodates 3 adults and there are two comfortable kid-size seats in the rear. The WaterWheeler 5 offers a great all around combination of versatility, comfort, performance and value. FEATURES: - Enclosed rudder rod - won't get damaged from obstructions - Built-in motor mount - easily attach a transom mount trolling motor - Self-draining bench seat - drains off water to keep your seating area dry - Corner tie-down grommets - easy to secure for docking or hauling - Molded-in drink holders - Closed cell polystyrene foam flotation


  • 5 year warranty on the deck and hull
  • 2 year warranty on parts
  • Made of rugged UV-stabilized High Density Polyethylene
  • Built-in cooler / storage. The large self-draining compartment between the rear seats can be used as a drink cooler or dry storage area.
  • Bronze insert crank bushings - maintenance free long life and easy pedaling

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