Safe Boating Tips and Safety Guidelines

The most important beginner sailing tip to remember is to practice in ideal conditions of light winds and low traffic.

There are certain sailing basics for safe boating that should go without saying, no matter how experienced you are. Here are some sailing safety guidelines you need to follow:

Research the wind and weather conditions – check the weather forecast and prepare yourself for whatever the weather might bring. Be sure to take adequate provisions, clothing and basic weather gear such as nautical flags, barometers, extra boat batteries, and all as needed. Inspect your marine engine mounts and make sure they are properly attached to the main boat.  Boating and sailing basics means always being prepared!

Get familiar with sail control – the best sailors are the ones who are able to adjust sail settings to take the best advantage of different wind and water conditions.

Respect the boom – some of the most common sailing injuries are a result of not being aware when the boom is about to swing.

Learn basic sailing terms – be sure to acquaint yourself with basic sailing terms.

Practice makes perfect – Aside from investing in efficient center console boats like the 2011 Cruisers Yachts 540 SC, you should also invest in a sailing course, books, manuals and learn from experienced instructors. It is much more difficult and far too risky to engage in learning sailing without professional assistance.

When not in use, make sure that there is a secure motorboat storage unit to protect your boat from theft and harmful weather conditions.

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